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Terms of Offer
1) Try our GradeBook. You must download, install and use our gradebook software for the free trial. The gradebook program will allow you to use it for approximately one month based on normal usage.

2) Decide if you like it.
 Decide if you like it. Upon completion of the free trial simply decide if you like our gradebook. If you do you can purchase it at that time. If not we will send you a check for $50. Simply fill out our short survey indicating why you have chosen not to use our software and return it.**

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* Free Trial determined by the software and based on normal usage is approxiately one month.

** This form must be signed, mailed via regular postal mail and must have an official post office postmark. The form must bear you and your principal's signatures. Faxed and emailed forms will not be acknowledged/accepted.

We reserve the right to discontinue this promotion at any time and we hold the right to refuse any claim at our discretion.


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