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Version Notes

Version 9.0i

  1. Added support for backup and/or running from USB Flash drive.
  2. Fixed minor Windows Vista installation problem.

Version 9.0g

  1. Fixed Report Web Server problem of not accepting logins from 2 digit student ids.
  2. Fixed the formatting problem in the Student Detailed Strip Report.
  3. Fixed the printing of incorrect student information problem in the following reports:
       Student Detailed Report
       Student Detailed Report By Rank

  4. Updated the company mailing address in the promo.txt file.
  5. In the Email Information Setup Screen, the Incoming Mail (POP3) field becomes an optional entry.

Version 9.0f

  1. Fixed the "Bad File Name" error when viewing the web reports.

Version 9.0e

  1. Fixed the problem of the application crashing when a student name that contains a apostrophe is entered.
  2. Removed erroneous Status Types in the Sample Database.

Version 9.0c

  1. Added the Report Web Server. Students and teachers can view their reports on the web.
  2. Added "Student Password" report.

Version 8.1d

  1. Fixed the printing problem of missing activitities in the Student Detailed Report.

Version 9.0d

  1. Fixed the print formatting problem of the comment field in the following reports:
       Elementary Detailed Report Card
       Elementary Detailed Report Card - Noact/Cat. Avg.
       Elementary Detailed Report Card (No Page Break)
       Elementary Letter Grade Report Card
       Elementary Letter Grade Dettail Report Card
       Elememtary Report Card
       Elementary Summary Report Card

  2. Fixed the problem of not being to turn on the Multi-User Mode in Setup.

Version 9.0c

  1. Added the Report Web Server. Students and teachers can view their reports on the web.
  2. Added "Student Password" report.

Version 8.1d

  1. Fixed the printing problem of missing activitities in the Student Detailed Report.

Version 8.1c

  1. Fixed the printing problem with the Missed Activity (No Page Break) Report.

Version 8.1b

  1. Updated the Help File.
  2. Fixed the problem with Student's email address not being copied in the Copy Students Screen.
  3. Fixed the problem with Student's email address not being imported properly in the Import Students Screen.

Version 8.1a

  1. Added the capability to email reports to students.

Version 7.2c

  1. Fixed problem where the Spreadsheet Grade Report would only print the first page of students in a class containing a large number of students. This problem was introduced in version 7.1b and is present in all versions since. Older versions are not affected.
  2. Fixed rare problem where Activity Reports would give an error message when 0 point value activies were present.

Version 7.2b

  1. Added handling of 0 point value activities.

Version 7.1d

  1. Fixed printing problem with the spreadsheet grade report which caused a printer error 4 message.
  2. Added autorefresh of students after student import is complete.

Version 7.1c

  1. Added "Elementary Summary Report Card" report.
  2. Fixed problem with dates when adding activities on some computers in rare circumstances.
  3. Enhanced ability to recover from corrupted databases.
  4. Added second printing method to the spreadsheet grade report for people having trouble printing.

Version 7.1b

  1. Added extensive export ability to export gradebook data to other school systems.
  2. Added ability to import class names in the student import feature. Now all classes and students can be imported in just 1 file.
  3. Fixed windows 2000 bug that caused printing and print preview problems. We hope Microsoft fixes their bugs soon but we have put workarounds in place so you don't have to wait and wait and wait for Microsoft.

Version 7.1a

  1. On windows 2000 based platforms some computers when the FILE-SAVEAS or FILE-BACKUP features are used to copy the grades database to a new name a message saying "The above file name is invalid". This bug introduced by windows 2000 has been fixed.

Version 7.0z

  1. Fixed Y2K problem for some bios types where 00 was being represented as 1900.
  2. Added ability to define a status type as a numeric grade. (ie. Late could be defined as 60. Whenever a student is given the status Late they receive a grade of 60.)

Version 7.0y

  1. Added secondary sort to actvitity ordering on Spreadsheet Grade Report. Ordering is now by Activity Type, Date, Activity Name. Previously the ordering by activity name was not present.
  2. Added redundant save verification to avoid partial grades being saved to defective diskettes or due to other i/o problems.
  3. Enhanced file restoration. This version can open most grade files previously reported as corrupt.

Version 7.0t

  1. Year 2000 ready.
  2. Fixed printing start and end dates so they do not change to a number.

Version 7.0s

  1. Extended date fields to handle a four digit year.
  2. Fixed bug that prevented grades to be calculated on copied activities.

Version 7.0r

  1. Added ability to automatically save screen sizing and placement settings.
  2. Added ability to automatically save report customizations.
  3. Added option to Spreadsheet Report to print Weighting marks or Raw marks.

Version 7.0q

  1. Added "Elementary Detailed Report (No Page Breaks)"
  2. Added ability to use Extra Credit while the "equally weight all activities within an activity type" is on.

Version 7.0p

  1. Fixed 'Out of Memory' error under windows 3.1 when entering mark screen.
  2. Changed the deletion of a student from a seating plan so that the student will only be deleted from the current seating plan.

Version 7.0n

  1. Added feature to seating plan to automatically add in new students.
  2. Removed row markers from seating plan when in 'Seat Anywhere' mode since rows do not apply to free form seating.

Version 7.0m

  1. Added ability to make custom formulas to adjust grades on marks screen. (Under the advanced option.)

Version 7.0k

  1. Added ability to fast scroll through dates in attendance.
  2. Added auto synchronization of rounding functionality and letter grades.
  3. Added auto transport of user defined status codes.
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